Zehn Vorteile des Wasserstrahlschneidens von Granatsand

Water jet cutting processing industry is the most popular waterjet cutting machine, but what are the benefits? Many people are not very clear, there are ten major advantages of water jet, hope can help you better understand the water jet.

1, the water environmental protection

Environmental protection is a topic of great concern in recent years, while using ordinary water jet cutting, does not produce any additional material.

2, water jet cutting workpiece fixation is easy

The water jet cutting only placed on the water jet cutting platform. That does not require cumbersome fixed

3, the cold water jet cutting method

A lot of workpiece especially metal workpieces have a very big problem in the machining process, the heat is easily deformed, and the water completely by cold cutting way, will not cause heat to the workpiece

4, water jet cutting image drawing is simple

A lot of cutting machine in the drawing cutting image will need very tedious programming to complete, and the water need only simple CAD can draw the image

5, with water jet

The water jet can be used in conjunction with any processing equipment, its strong performance can fully compensate for the shortcomings of other equipment

6, water supplies with simple change

A lot of cutting machine in consumables with the change are very complicated, and the water supplies with the change is extremely simple, even beginners can also be completed with the change in a few minutes, water supplies are mainly sand jet

7, good quality of water jet cutting

Water jet cutting does not appear deformation, rough clear, eliminates the two processing trouble

8, the water jet cutting accuracy

The water jet cutting accuracy is 0.1MM, far more than a lot of cutting equipment

9, water jet cutting speed

The speed of water jet cutting is a fast machine in the industry, the other 1 days to complete the work, water only needs 1-2 hours to complete

10, the wide range of water jet cutting

Water supplies are cut, in addition to toughened glass, basically all of the materials are within the scope of the waterjet cutting

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